Day 37: Evil Money


It was the fifteenth day of Chinese New Year, where the moon is full, and the celebration is last. So, I decided to go out and celebrate the Chinese New Year for the last time for this awesome dragon year.

As usual, I always wanted to save more and more. But when you are in a big city like Kuala Lumpur, please, the money grow wings and fly around waiting to be spent. So, that’s where I spent a lot of them. Not that it’s not worth it, I bought a book – Quite : The Power of Introverted blah blah blah – trying figure out if I’m really introverted or merely a socially awkward animal.

And then, lot’s of the money spent on foods and transports. Normally I use bus, which is a lot cheaper. And then because I’m feeling so rich (despite of my need of extra bunch of cash) and lazy, I took trains and taxi.


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