Day 71: Creativity

I was supposed to make this yesterday, but I didn’t have internet at home last night.

So, I came to work this morning remembering about “Drawing Eye”. Then, as you can see what comes next is “Pen and Notepad”. Oops, I don’t bring them with me. Then, Mr. Brain start processing the next clue from the words “Drawing” and “Eye”, next come many words including “Computer”, “Mouse”, “Photoshop” (which I don’t have), and “a ha!” (The expression people get when they figure thing out), I have “Ms. Paint”!! I think I can make some unique, different taste, and probably one of the kind eye ever. And probably it will looks awesome.

This is probably a very bad way of expressing the Mind Map. I should’v drawn it, but never mind. I’ve got to start my works.

Made from Ms. Paint because I don't have my pen and notepad

Ooops again, it doesn’t really look awesome. But it’s still pretty fly for a white guy (judging from his skin color).


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