Day 81: Drops


A little early today. This post is going to be about my dying pen. I have 2 pens, a black one which I use in office, and a blue one which I put at home (which is also the pen I normally use to draw eyes on this blog).

The one who is dying is the black one. I’m spending my last few moments with it and decided to draw an eye with it. So, this eye might be the last eye that it produced.


So, I bought this pen last year at Singapore Changi Airport on my way back to Malaysia. Since then, it has been a full-time resident of my office desk. In his life time, he walks on 2 of my notebooks and a notepad, which he lefts countless of precious memories, knowledge and ideas, and of course, drawing of eyes. I love this pen so much because it didn’t die in the middle. It’s lasted as long as its ink. There are only few drops of ink left and it’s still working. How many pens in your lifetime actually last till the end? Normally they just get stuck on the tip and stop working even though there are still plenty of ink left.

Not that I put on a tremendous amount of cares, I’m a horrible owner. I flip it around, drop it countless of times, abusing it, and the worst one is, I lend it to a jerk where he bite it. But still, it lasted.


I can always buy a new core, but it will not be the same any more. It’s the whole of it. Just like body and soul. If I replace the core, it is going to be like a body with someone else’s soul. I’m going to put it (in whole) somewhere I can see everyday, and remember how much I love it.

Now, I have to buy a new pen.


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