Challenge Extension

Ok, let’s be honest again, I’m running out of idea of eyes. It’s probably still possible to draw unique eye each day, but let’s make it easier for my life. The past 100 days had been awesome for me and I’m really glad I made it this far.

Starting from today, I will extend my challenge. So, instead of posting “eyes”, I will extend it to “eye monsters”. The rule still hold, I will try my best to draw the unique eye each day. This also means, I will not go back to my previous 100 eyes and convert them into a monster. I might though, but it will not count as a day (I might regret this). So, I still draw unique eye each day, and plus a cute monster body. Hope this is not called cheating.

By doing this, I can include many of my eyes ideas which are to simple and might not looks great without a body. Some eyes are really just a simple circle but give a very striking personality when it’s put on a body. So, let’s hope for the best. Hope that I can draw even more unique eye and so hopefully can last until the end of the year.


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