About This Blog

2012 is just few days ahead when I created this blog. Inspired by the Kick Off 2012 with Project 365, I decided to try again the failed project of last year.

When 2011 started, I started the ‘One Photo a Day’ project. It lasted only for few weeks and I ran out of things to take picture of. So this year, I’m thinking of doing something that can last for a year.

I occasionally draw eyes. If I flip through my notepad, I will find lots of eyes. And I’m still drawing new ones. They might not be that distinctive from each other, and some of them are quite similar, but it’s the challenge that I’m going to take to make one unique eye each day.

In addition, I will also take picture of eyes that I find in the public. Maybe from street art, illustration board, sculpture, costume, anything with eyes. Hopefully the project goes well.

NB: I’m not an artist or professional photographer. I just happen to have a pen and paper, and a decent phone with a camera on it. So, don’t expect too much.

Update 25 May, 2012

Recently, I’m kind of writing some sort of poetry. Not a good ones, and all of them are nonsensical. It’s good in one way which it somehow express my thought during that day (mostly during the end of the night) in an abstract way. Reading them back gives me the feeling of satisfaction. I’m glad that it turned out this way, and I don’t know what will happen few weeks from now. Probably still writing poetry, or probably making a more concrete writings. Or maybe stopped writing at all.


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