Day 194: Bame



Day 48: Cry … Wait…


Still on the cartoon mood, but this one is kind of creepy, it also look a little bit like the yesterday one.

Anyhow, today I rediscover the way our brain learn things. Well, rediscover because I knew it already, but just kind of ignore it when facing problems.

So, sleeping is always the secret. It was yesterday that I am so flooded with informations that I think I’m never gonna get a grasp on. And today, everything looks a little bit simpler. Same thing, but our brain has figure it out during our sleep.

Another example: once I was struggling on learning a piano piece. I kept making mistake until I give up. The next day, it’s a lot easier to play, and I played a lot smoother without putting too much extra efford. Amazing brain we have. Let’s remember to sleep well.