The last piece


Finally, let’s close this challenge with the many eyes in one picture.

Not that I’ve stop drawing eyes, this will at least remove me from the guilt of not finishing this challenge. Though I’m almost a year late.

Do let me know which is your favorite eyes.

P.S: when you have trouble sleeping, you can try to count the eyes in the picture above.


Day 111: Madness


A mad scientist. Notice that he doesn’t really have hands. Those tiny objects floating around him are his assistants. Each of them can carry 111 times their own body weight. And they also possess telepathic abilities, allowing them to communicate with the mad scientist. Otherwise, they can’t really talk.

This duck like monster has nothing but intelligent. His knowledge of their universe and how to utilize them had been his only way to survive. By the help of his minions, he can manipulate its surrounding up to the atomic level. Don’t mess with him.

Day 65: Strong


Nico Robin, my favorite girl character from One Piece manga. I like her for having a strong personality, smart, and also calm and mature. And inside her, lay a tender soul that she will show you if she trush and love you enough.

I was wondering if such a woman can be found in real life. But think back about my sisters, they sort of the kind of women I described above,  only that non of them are calm. Oops, I hope that they will never find out this post.