Day 49: Touched


Watched 2 movies today. Hugo and Up. Hugo is about how close is a relationship between the child and dad, that when his father die (and don’t know where his mother is, he never say), he miss him so much. While Up, is about an old man, no child, met a child that doesn’t have a good relationship with his dad.

My dad, he is an old man, and I’m a grown up. We don’t really talk much nowadays. I can’t really remember much about my childhood with him either. I remember that he always bring me to school everyday on his bike though. And breakfasts before school. I am closer to my mom I guess.

Well, no matter what, I know they love me a lot. It doesn’t matter how much they’ve done to me, they are still my parents. Without them, I’m probably a null or maybe something worse.


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